We install Ultima Water Systems products that provide reverse osmosis, filtration, and water softening services, including no-salt options. It also sells accessories for these products that include filters, faucets, and leak control devices.

Ultima Water Systems Provide Reverse Osmosis, Water Softening, and Filtration Products

Ultima Water System is committed to helping homeowners save money on improving the quality of water in their homes while supporting water conservation efforts. Ultima’s main water system products provide:

  • Three lines of reverse osmosis systems that remove ions, molecules, and large particles from drinking water
  • Three lines of water softeners that remove “hard” elements from water, including calcium and magnesium
  • Five kinds of filtration systems to improve the taste and quality of drinking water
  • Eco-friendly, salt-free options for each of the above categories

Ultima is Local Arizona Company Focused on Water Quality

Based in Mesa, Arizona, Ultima has sold over one million systems since it entered the business in 1985. We’re proud to work with a national company that has a local presence.

If you’ve been considering adding a water filtration system, reverse osmosis, or water softener to your home, give us a call and ask about Ultima Water Systems.