Camera inspection services are often used by prospective home buyers to determine the condition of the plumbing in an older home. We provide sewer line camera inspections for this purpose and to diagnose problems in sewer lines.

Camera Inspection of Pipes

Sewer pipe camera inspection is performed with a small video camera attached to a fiber-optic cable. Our technicians guide the camera through the sewer line to determine the condition of the pipes and to look for signs of major issues.

Sewer camera inspections are used to examine and document the condition of drain pipes inside a structure. They are small enough to reach inside pipes as narrow as two inches in diameter and flexible enough to get through each turn almost effortlessly. The camera captures both video and still images of different sections of the sewer line to review and share with the customer.

When Is a Sewer Camera Inspection Needed?

Most realtors agree that homes older than 20 years should have a sewer pipe camera inspection. After years of usage, sewer lines start to deteriorate. Below are examples of materials used in older homes and their issues:

  • Clay pipes were used for drains before 1950 and are easily penetrated by tree roots
  • Cast iron and galvanized steel pipes were used in homes built from 1930 to 1980; they tend to have the shortest lifespan due to corrosion
  • Orangeburg pipe (popular through the 1970s) can’t be cleaned and must be replaced

Camera inspection for sewer and drain pipes should be part of every home buyer’s checklist. Call us for more information.