Our construction experience, coupled with our plumbing and electrical services, has given us insights into jobs like tenant improvement for interior build-out jobs. We offer a one-stop-shop for TI construction that offers additional efficiencies such as immediate access to plumbing and electrical expertise.

No Tenant Improvement Construction Job is Too Small or Complicated

Our company brings considerable experience in designing spaces that maximize comfort for tenants while identifying opportunities to save on post-construction costs like electric bills. So we can help you rebuild a large office space into smaller private offices and meeting spaces that fit the needs of the type of tenants you’re targeting.

We can transform an existing building to meet specific environments such as medical offices that have specific spatial requirements for equipment like MRIs and corresponding electricity demands.

Leasehold Improvements With Minimal Disruption

Has a tenant informed you that they need more space but don’t want to deal with relocation hassles? It probably felt like good and bad news at once.

Treat it as good news. Your tenant likes you enough to not pick up and go. We will work with both of you to make sure necessary leasehold improvements are cost-effective and that they will bring future savings on items like utility bills.

Our TI construction management team will meet with you, your tenant, and the architect to review site designs, agree on timelines, and identify roles and responsibilities. This is a three-way team project: our goal is for you and your tenant to be 100 percent satisfied.

While no construction job is invisible, we will take every step to minimize disrupting tenants’ business. We will put up plastic sheeting to prevent dust from spreading, and schedule the loudest work (drilling, sawing) before or after office hours.

We bring construction, management, plumbing, and electrical expertise to the table in one package! Call us if you’re ready to begin TI construction or leasehold improvements.