Water leak detection and repair may be the most important way you can prevent serious damage to your home. Our leak detection services will quickly find the source of dripping sounds that kept you awake last night, the source of that unexpected puddle that greeted you this morning, or a yellow-brown wall stain. These are all signs to call us for prompt, courteous, and thorough leak detection and water leak repair services.

Our technicians will provide you with solutions to fit your needs and your budget. Whether it is a simple repair or something as extensive, we will work directly with you and provide you with several options.

Prompt Water Leak Repairs

Getting a fast leak repair is a smart way to fix a water problem before it becomes a major (and possibly expensive) headache.

Once our technicians are on site, you can rest assured that they will find the source of the leak, provide you with a general explanation about the leak, and a competitive repair estimate. Remember, early leak repair is preventative maintenance — as opposed to waiting until a wall caves in.

Water Leak Detection Before It Shows Up

Our staff is always on the alert for water leak detection. This is because most leaks aren’t noticed right away. Here are some clues that you may have a hidden leak:

  • Unexpected rise in your water bill
  • Weak stream from a tap
  • Visual signs of mold or moldy smell
  • Running out of hot water quickly

CNJ Services will be happy to do a water leak detection and inspection, including reading the water meter.

Contact us today if you suspect a water leak anywhere in your home or office!