Does your home need a plumbing service in Chandler, AZ? CNJ Plumbing services the entire valley, including your Chandler residence. From leaky faucets to complete re-piping projects, our expert technicians are able to support your in-home project with high-quality service and affordable pricing.

We are Chandler’s plumbing issue go-to company with good reason. Not only do we train our technicians and provide customers with a staff that underwent extensive background checks, but we also train our employees with superior customer service in our work and customer relations.

As one of the best and highest reviewed plumbing contractors in Chandler, AZ, we are happy to provide a wealth of services to our customers, and provide it with cost-effective prices and high-quality services.

Our friendly staff is happy to go above and beyond for your service needs. Often water damage can have negative long-term effects on your home. Don’t wait to address your plumbing issue.

Expert quality plumbing Chandler, AZ

We understand how time-consuming and messy plumbing problems can be, and we understand that these problems can come on fast. Don’t hesitate to call us to cover the exact services we provide for our Chandler residents. Some of our services include the following:

  • Replacement and repair for faucets
  • Diagnosis for kitchen and bathroom leaks
  • Garbage disposal repair
  • Water heater installation and inspection
  • Gas line inspection
  • Sink installation, inspection, and replacement
  • Toilet care
  • Pump inspection and installation
  • Sewer-related issues and inspection
  • Maintenance on bathtubs, showers, drains, and sinks
  • Gas range inspection, installation, and replacement

We want to help you fix your plumbing issues, today! Call us to talk about your Chandler plumbing concerns and we will be happy to get you going toward a solution that is affordable and always done with high-quality workmanship. Call us today for a free consultation and let us help you find a solution for your plumbing issues in Chandler, AZ!