Kitchen sinks get a lot of use. Pretty much everyone in the household uses them. Most homes will need occasional sink plumbing services, often to fix problems like a clogged sink or the sink leaking.

Sink Repair vs Replacing a Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sinks generally last a really long time; 30 years isn’t unusual. They are more likely to be replaced during a remodel due to changing trends or normal wear and tear. With such durability and the added expense of purchasing a new faucet, people will repair a clogged kitchen sink before they buy a new one. If you do choose that option, we do offer sink installation and faucet installation.

Basic clogged sinks can be cleared by “plunging.” Clogs that get past the P-trap need to be “snaked” using a cable with a head attached to it which goes down the drain to dislodge it.
Our skilled technicians have the right equipment to get the job done fast.

Repairs and Installation Done Right the First Time

We guarantee you that our sink installation will be done properly and professionally. We also install faucets and will be glad to guide you to make sure they fit the sink you’ve selected.