We provide solar water heater installation and repair along with solar water heater tank replacement.

Solar Water Heater System Works in Any Home

You don’t have to have an existing solar energy system to install a solar water heater, although many of our customers do have existing solar power. A solar water heater system replaces your traditional power draw with the sun to provide a steady and less expensive supply of hot water.
Solar water heater panels also take up less space than average solar PV systems.

After a solar water heater installation, you’ll find fewer maintenance tasks than with other hot water heating. Most maintenance is about keeping the panels clean, something homeowners can do themselves if it doesn’t rain frequently. Glazed panels also minimize the need for cleaning.

Solar Powered Water Heater Systems with One or Two Solar Hot Water Heater Tanks

Most solar hot water heater systems use one or two well-insulated storage tanks.

  • Two-tank systems include a solar water heater that preheats water before sending it to a conventional tank. This system is somewhat less efficient, but it often lasts longer than single-tank systems.
  • A single-tank solar-powered water heater uses a back-up heater to keep water warm.

Either system can include backup rooftop tanks to replace or supplement back-up heaters. Solar hot water heaters are gaining traction in Arizona and why shouldn’t they? We have more sunshine than any other state.

Consider Solar Water Heater Tank Replacement

If you already have a solar water heating system and tank that’s been in place for several years, think about replacing it with a newer one that’s almost certainly going to bring additional benefits like:

  • More size options
  • Glass-lined steel that prevents corrosion
  • Low-density wattage that spreads heat over larger areas

Are you thinking of going solar? Start with your hot water. Contact us to learn more.