A toilet flange, also called a closet flange, is a pipe fitting that mounts a toilet to the floor and connects the toilet drain to the house sewer system.

Do You Know How to Replace a Toilet Flange?

Even if you do know how to replace a toilet flange, it’s not always a straightforward job and not a particularly easy one. To replace a toilet flange, you need to separate the toilet from the existing flange and lift it off. If there’s a leak on the floor around your toilet, it may be the flange that needs replacing or repair. Let us handle this for you!

Toilet Flange Repair is More Common than Replacement

A toilet flange repair is more common than a toilet flange replacement because it costs less and it’s quicker. A toilet flange replacement involves removing concrete to reach the sewer pipe which is more labor-intensive. Most flange jobs are repairs, not replacements.

Is your toilet leaking onto the floor? It could be a problem with the closet flange. Call us to get a reasonable price and prompt, professional repair.