A slab leak is a water supply line (hot or cold) leaking underneath the concrete foundation of the home. The first step is to perform a leak detection by using highly sensitive & electronically amplified acoustic equipment. Once the leak is identified, CNJ Services offers three repair solutions.

  • Spot Repairs
    A section of concrete is removed, the soil is excavated to expose the leaking line. A section of the line is then replaced, the soil is back-filled and compacted, and concrete is poured back.
  • Re-route
    Abandoning an underground single leaking line from one end to the other and re-routing it through walls, ceiling, or attic. CNJ Services repairs all sheetrock access and texture.
  • Re-pipe
    Abandoning all hot and cold water lines underneath the concrete and running a new plumbing system through the walls, ceiling, and attic. Existing plumbing fixtures are reconnected to the new system. CNJ Services repairs all sheetrock access and texture.

If you notice hot areas or wet spots on your floors, or an unexpected increase in gas and water bills, call us!