CNJ Plumbing offers expert plumbing services for Carefree homes and residential spaces throughout the entire valley. Specializing in Arizona homes, our residential plumbing services are offered at the most affordable prices by the most experienced plumbers in the valley. We believe Carefree plumbing should be easy, and we can show you how!

Our staff

We hire the best and most qualified technicians for our clients. Our trained staff is available on call for you and your home, whether the project is a massive overhaul or a quick fix. We provide technical training and customer service training for our employees, so you get a great and effective service every time.

Our hiring team requires that every technician undergoes a background check and has the required certifications and accolades in order to provide the highest quality support for your plumbing issues. We respect your home and want to take care of your needs in a timely manner. If you are experiencing an issue with a drip system or faucet, we will come in and out with minimal disturbances.

Carefree Services Offered

When you are looking for a plumber in Carefree, AZ, you won’t find one better than our staff. We have listed just some of the services we provide for your Carefree home below. If you have any questions, or if your concern isn’t listed, give us a call and we will help you find the best solution.

Services offered

We offer a wide range of affordable services for our customers, from pipe repair and installation to leaks and faucet replacement. Below are some of the main services we offer:

  • Faucet replacement and repair
  • Kitchen and bathroom leaks
  • Garbage disposal repair
  • Water heater installation and inspection
  • Gas line inspection
  • Sink installation, inspection, and replacement
  • Toilet care
  • Pump inspection and installation
  • Sewer-related issues and inspection
  • Maintenance on bathtubs, showers, drains, and sinks
  • Gas range inspection, installation, and replacement

Call us for a free consultation today! We want to help you with your Carefree plumbing issues quickly and effectively. Speak to a customer service representative and be on your way to living a leak-free life!