CNJ Services offers complete maintenance agreements. Please print our service agreement, fill it out, and return it to CNJ Services to get started.

Services Included in the Inspections

  • Inspect and flush the water heater
  • Inspect all plumbing fixtures
  • Inspect all supply lines and angle stops
  • Check water pressure
  • Inspect PRV (Pressure Regulating Valve)
  • Inspect main valve
  • Check for slab leaks or hidden leaks
  • Inspect water softener and refill salt if needed
  • Inspect RO system and all the filters
  • Inspect and clean off all aerators (replace if needed)
  • Inspect gas meter and check for any gas leaks
  • Inspect drain lines
  • Inspect sprinkler system
  • Inspect hose bibs

Additional Benefits

  • Priority customer status
  • Priority scheduling
  • 24-hour/7 day emergency service
  • NO overtime rates
  • Discounts according to the plan chosen
  • Extend equipment life
  • Reduce the risk of costly breakdowns
  • Validates manufacturers warranties
  • Trusted certified technicians
  • Licensed bonded and insured
  • Satisfaction guaranteed