Faucet repair is another one of our core plumbing services.

Today’s kitchen faucets have some pretty cool features like spray/stream selection, pull-out spouts, and different ways to turn on a faucet: touch, touchless, and LED motion detection. These features make it essential to promptly fix leaky faucets.

Kitchen faucet repair can be overwhelming. CNJ Services has the expertise to repair all faucets, including higher-end faucets which require specialty parts. Our technicians can also replace kitchen faucets and advise you on what faucets will work for the current specifications of your sink.

Challenging Leaks From Corroded Bathroom Faucets

Is there a bathtub faucet leaking in your tub? The washers or O-rings may need to be replaced. Or perhaps the valve seat has become corroded. Taking apart bathtub faucets can be tricky; over time, they can corrode and seem impossible to take apart. Our technicians have the tools and training for bathtub faucet repair and can advise you on bathtub faucet replacement options.

Shower faucets have also gone through changes. Controls come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and styles to work with showerheads and hand-held showers. Modern controls even let you program the water temperature. Our staff has the training necessary to perform shower faucet repair as well as shower faucet replacement.

Do you need faucet repair or replacement? Don’t put this off — contact CNJ Services today!