We provide installation of the Halo Water Systems which is a form of water purification that treats water throughout the entire home.

Choose the Halo Water System That’s Right for You

Halo offers three water filtration systems that treat water for the entire home before it reaches a tap:

  1. Filtration systems that remove sediments and contaminants from water
  2. Filtration and water conditioning
  3. Hard water treatment

Choose a system that treats the water you receive in the right size for your home. Halo offers four tanks that treat between one million and four million gallons per year, enough for a family of six. Tanks generally last about ten years and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Concerned about using extra water? A Halo Water System uses about 30 percent less water for backwash than its competitors. And it’s 100 percent maintenance-free — guaranteed.

You Won’t Find a More Complete Contaminant Removal System

Each Halo Water System uses the most thorough contaminant removal technology available:

  • The CentaurⓇ High Activity carbon reduces contaminants like chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, and other volatile organic compounds.
  • The all-natural Filter-Ag PlusⓇ to filter out sediment down to the level of five microns. As a comparison, a human hair is 50 microns.

If you’re thinking about installing a water softener or water filter, call us first to learn more about Halo Water Systems.