Is there anything more upsetting than a clogged toilet? We don’t think so. Toilet repair is one of our key services.

We Provide a Full Range of Toilet Repair Services

Toilets are very durable. Many will last literally, a lifetime. It’s pretty easy to fix toilet problems on your own — and even do simple toilet tank repairs — if you’re a DIY type. Here are a few tips:

  • Plungers can almost always fix a clogged toilet
  • If your toilet water is constantly running, remove the tank top and see if the chain fell off or needs an adjustment
  • If your toilet isn’t filling properly, see if you need to adjust the float mechanism inside the tank

If these steps don’t work, call CNJ Services.

A severely blocked toilet might need to be cleared with an auger, which is a cable we “snake” down the toilet. Sometimes the block or clog can be pushed down the drain. This is not a job everyone can do – this is where we step in and can assist.

A toilet leaking onto the floor might have a disintegrated wax seal. This requires lifting the toilet and inspecting (and probably replacing) the seal. It’s something we can do pretty quickly.

Repairing Versus Replacing a Toilet

Most people only think about replacing a toilet when they’re remodeling a bathroom. But there are other times when a new toilet is the right answer:

  • The toilet is old
    New toilets flush fewer gallons of water and can really save on water bills.
  • Toilet repairs seem constant
    At some point, there are diminishing returns on both the plumbing bills or the time you spend fixing a toilet yourself.
  • Your porcelain toilet is cracked
    A crack or even scratches on a porcelain toilet is a sign that the structure is weakening. Scratches or cracks inside the bowl can attract and trap bacteria. The resulting odor will be the least of your sanitary issues.

Do you have a “problem” toilet? Call CNJ Services today!