Older or homes with defective plumbing systems (Kitec and Polybutylene) may need a plumbing system replacement (also known as repiping). This is a service that removes or abandons your current system and replaces it with a new one.

CNJ Services goes above and beyond other plumbing companies. Here is what you can expect from us:

  • Over 15 years of experience with repiping services
  • Personal (free) estimate based on the least intrusive approach
  • Obtaining all required permits
  • Sealing off work areas to protect personal belongings
  • Drywall repair and texture to match existing
  • Complete home clean-up with dusting and carpet cleaning
  • Scheduled inspection appointment
  • All work completed in three to seven business days

After a supervisor inspects the existing plumbing system, you will be provided with a detailed estimate for the repiping. CNJ Services completes a plumbing system replacement for the entire home within three to seven days. This is done with minimal interruption to water service.

Our unique approach is to use the least intrusive way possible and take necessary steps to ensure other areas of your home have minimal impact. We carefully seal off areas we work in to prevent drywall dust, odors from paint and tile adhesive, and other elements from spreading.

After the plumbing portion of the work is completed, our drywall crew repairs all access holes in the walls and floors used to complete the plumbing system replacement. Even upon close inspection, it will be difficult to identify where the work has been done. CNJ Services only works with our own highly trained and skilled employees.

Finally, CNJ Services provides a thorough cleanup of the entire work area. We thoroughly dust nearby areas and clean your carpets – services we have not seen offered by our competitors.

After the work is completed, a supervisor will conduct an inspection to ensure all aspects of the project have been executed to meet the high standards we hold ourselves to.