Water Treatment

Water Purification

CNJ Services installs complete reverse osmosis drinking water system, you can have sparkling-clear water straight from your tap. Forget the daily cost of bottled water. Your coffee, tea and juice will be more flavorful. The food you prepare – like soups, sauces, fresh fruits and vegetables – will taste better. And you’ll see the difference when you look at your crystal-clear ice cubes. Our drinking water system gives you a constant supply of water at its best. Using reverse osmosis, the industry’s most sophisticated filtration technology, our drinking water system delivers the best water possible. As water enters the system, it flows through three stages of treatment to reduce dissolved solids, impurities and contaminants.


Larger partials such as silt, rust and scale are removed y the prefilter. This extends the life of your system and allows the semi permeable membrane to attack smaller particles.


At the center of the system, the R.O. membrane allows the hydrogen and oxygen to pass through its microscopic pores. Dissolved solids, too small to have been caught by the prefilter, are now removed from the water and flushed to the drain.

Final polish

Water flows from the membrane to a holding tank, which stores the clean water until you turn on your faucet. But before the water is dispensed, it flows through one more state of filtration. An activated carbon filter removes any remaining tastes and odors, delivering to you only the freshest, cleanest water possible.

Fast recovery

The Fast Recover System refills your tank quickly, producing enough water for all your needs.

Water Treatment

CNJ Services can install a water treatment system that will provide conditioned water for your home. It’s evident in the spot-free dishes, the brighter and softer clothes and a shower stall without water spots. You can feel it as shampoo rinses out completely, leaving your hair shiny and more manageable. And you’ll save money on soaps and detergents while eliminating scale buildup that could harm your water-using appliances. In all these areas and more, Water Conditioners make your home and lifestyle a little more comfortable. Five-cycle regeneration maximizes the system’s efficiency. Demand-initiated regeneration saves you money on salt and water because the conditioner only regenerates when needed based on your family’s actual water usage. Plus, with the internal bypass, you’ll always have continuous water during the backwash and regeneration cycles. External bypass valve is also included for ease of service. Our digital display makes programming simple. And there’s no need to worry about power outages because the electronic system maintains your program settings.