How to Unclog a sink drain:

Step 1: Unclog a Drain with Ease The easiest, safest method for unclogging a sink drain is to use a plunger. For dual-basin sinks, plug up the unclogged drain, and add enough water to the clogged basin to cover the top of the plunger. Then work the plunger straight up and down over the drain to force the water through.

Step 2: Prevent Future Clogs To help prevent future clogs, pour 1/2 cup baking soda into each drain, followed by 1/2 cup warm vinegar. The reaction between the acidic vinegar and the alkaline baking soda will loosen any debris in the drain, and the baking soda will help keep the drain smelling fresh. If you still have issues with your drain, please call CNJ Services at 623-399-8569

How to use a plunger

For light clogging a plunger may do the trick, but it depends on the type of blockage involved.

Kitchen or Bathroom Sink/Basin

To improve the action of the plunger, before you use it, coat the edge of the plunger’s cup with Vaseline (petroleum jelly). Also a few inches of water in the sink can improve suction.

Position the cup over the drain hole and firmly pump the handle up and down several times. Depending on the type of blockage it may take a few attempts to clear the clog.