Re-Pipe Exports

Whether you have old galvanized plumbing or a defective plumbing system such as Kitec or Polybutylene, CNJ Services is the expert who can help. With our experience and versatility we can help you avoid a disaster at your home. CNJ can do a complete home re-pipe within 3-7 days without any interruption to the water service. Our services include not only the plumbing system replacement, but also all drywall repairs including texture and paint. Unlike our competitors we DO NOT use subcontractors. We have employees for all aspects of the re-pipe process.

Here at CNJ we also understand that your home is your most valuable asset and we take pride in taking extra steps in protecting it. Our employees have years of experience and training in the re-pipe process. They are skilled in planning out the least intrusive way to run your new plumbing system. Before we begin, we always protect and seal off nearby areas from fine drywall dust. Moreover, CNJ will provide post-service dusting and carpet cleaning, and is the only plumbing company to do so. Additionally, we will paint any accessed drywall, not just around the access, but wall to wall, making it difficult to notice where the access was made. CNJ Services LLC is the only contractor you will need to complete your re-pipe and the only company to truly return your home to a better condition than when the service began.

  • Experts in Complete Home Re-pipes
  • Personal detail oriented estimate process
  • Employees for all aspects
  • Take extra care to protect your property
  • Plan out the least intrusive method to re-pipe your home
  • Pull all required permits
  • Set an inspection appointment
  • Complete Re-pipe in 3-7 days
  • No interruption to water service
  • Drywall repair and texture
  • Painting of accessed walls
  • Complete clean up of your home
    • Dusting service included at no additional cost
    • Carpet cleaning included at no additional cost